Sunday, February 5, 2012

No words can I say how sucks my life are.

Calculus - ! but i feel nothing..nothing happens.haha

Club - wasting my time always.better sleep or study.

Statistics -little bit understand but didnt study yet..never study for 5 chapters learned. 3 weeks more to cover all.  

Electrical and Electonic principal - freakin best this subject,at least understand what i've learned. and my target            
                                                    dont want 'fail' this subject

Mandarin - Yeah really interesting this subject even it difficult,maybe.people said this subject very hard than                                     Jepun..wut can i say..tengok result sudaa.

TITAS - history subject..baca n hafal,but,bila nak baca maa ??

APK/keusahawanan - berniaga lah kitee..lecture notes takde tp ada final exam ?

C++ - Freakin damn muhfuckin asshole shit royal !!!

bout few weeks more i need to cover this all.boleh,Insyaallah..boleh3..*sedapkan hati.hahah

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