Sunday, December 25, 2011

2 in 1.Anda boleh cuci pakaian guna laptop.

And now i got new problem,my lappy working but its like washing machine..*it sound.Arghh ! bunyi nye so damn annoying me and just like want to throw into dustbin.If got 'delete' button beside start button,i'll press it.ohh..and when want to use it,just go to recycle bin.haha.but it will never curious wut the hell my head think about.cant think clearly.kalaulah..-*kalau 'kalau',babi pon bley money,aku nak beli laptop macbook air !kah3..oit..! sedar skit,u're not coming from rich people okeyh.haha.nevermind laa..just nak berangan je..but it will be reality when i become...become pe syerap?jgn nak berangan.fullstop.

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