Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sekolah Premier Chukai

Omg..guess wut ? my little bro got offer from SMK Chukai or TePCES which is the best skool area Kemaman for his secondary skool.Hoho..something playing around in my mind..he will be continue my legacy..kuang3.. what can I say,me,Sheraf is quite famous lah among teachers there..sebab ?perangai la meyh..but i trust my bro doesn't like me..huh ! maybe its bonus to him study where someone could know him,maybe.Hey ! don't dare you touch my brother okeyh.nahas lah sape2 yang didapati 'bersalah' buli adik aku ! waaaaa..keke..i hope he will learn something like how life it is,independent and more.Live a life my little bro.

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