Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Unfollow je blog yang tak update tuh !

uhh,macam lah aku nih update sangat kan ? tapi banyak sangat blog aku follow and confuse which one my frens mine,let say lah kalau ade category nak follow neh,I want categorize this in 3 bunches,keke fren,politic and information..more easy meyh..mood bukan nya selalu nak baca politic ait?sometimes nak jugak baca information,our friend stories rite ? and now Im just go over and choosing yang mana nak unfollow,ngee.Ohh my 'peloo' prens never ever unfollow lah.aku kenal jee muka tuh,nevermind update or not,doesn't matter.sharing life stories ni best kot.It tell us what about their reflections,minded and more kan? kita boleh tahu apa kisah hidupnya..and fuckest things we'll know their personality ! by writting style,what the hell they trying to spread about.just like me.pretty damn much being as blogger.whoever you're,bagi la advice or view in komen box,dont maki2 lah..keke.okeyh.sambung kerja pulak..

taktau which nak follow or tak nih.huh !

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miz_were said...

saya komen di sini,, :)